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Fr. Gene Jakubek founded Father Gene's Help Center in 1969. The idea originated when a group of individuals volunteering at a nursing home realized a lonely elderly woman needed a sufficient bathrobe. Struck by the fact she was unable to provide her own, they began asking friends and family for donations. A chain reaction of giving began, and soon they had multiple bags of clothing for the less-fortunate. With the addition of more volunteers and the guidance of Fr. Gene, Father Gene's Help Center was incorporated as a tax-exempt, charitable organization and relocated to the center's current location.

There is power in numbers. I hope you stand for good and against evil. Time runs out for all of us, and we want to be remembered with those who stand for good.

Fr. Gene Jakubek, S.J.

In addition to his work supporting the material needs of the most vulnerable in the Milwaukee community, Fr. Gene was also a well-known public speaker, recognized for his television program, "The Answer Is Love."

Recordings of "The Answer Is Love" have been restored and will be available for viewing on our YouTube channel.

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