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Clothed in Self-Esteem

Imagine! The kind-hearted desire to help others in need of clean, used clothing has assisted over 50,000 families rise up in confidence from their inadequate clothing dilemma to a feeling of greater self-esteem with the HELP of Fr. Gene’s HELP Center. This year marks 50 years since the organization has worked to bring happiness and HELP to those in need of proper clothing. It truly is a clothing ministry- a faith filled desire to clothe the Elderly, Lonely and Poor (HELP).

A ministry is an activity in which individuals (donors and volunteers) are eager to serve for the purposes of goodwill. When I think of the phrase “it takes a village”, under Fr. Gene’s HELP center this phrase means our HELP center serves as a conduit for families to donate gently used clothing, coats, shoes, and all the way up to suitable clothing for job interviews and employment. Giving clothes for others makes the recipients feel supported and loved by the families who donated their clothing to Fr. Gene’s Help Center.

The volunteers at Fr. Gene’s Help Center are the best—they organize clothing (clothing bags) to meet the needs of each family based on the family members’ ages and sizes. When a family member picks up the “clothing bag” they are assured each member of the family will be provided for individually.

Let’s keep up the drive to strive in our mission to offer a helping hand to clothe our neighbors - by donating our time: volunteering to sort and distribute the donated clothes; our treasures: donations to Fr. Gene’s HELP Center; and our talents: creative ideas to expand the HELP Center’s donations of clothes to more people. With your joy filled help, the future of Fr. Gene’s Help Center is BRIGHT.

Thanks for all you do,

Paul D. Christensen, Board of Directors

Five happy little girls showing off their sweet styles and dance moves.

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